About Us

The ELCZ Endowment Fund, as it is now, was established through a resolution of the ELCZ Church Council 192 at its meeting of 25 February 2011 to re-launch the ELCZ Endowment Fund. The same Church Council meeting appointed a Board of Trustees Chaired by Bishop Emeritus Dr Ambrose Moyo who is deputized by Mrs. Oneile Hall. The other members of the Board of Trustees are Dr Nyembe Rogers Shoko, Mr Elisha Moyo and Mr Stephen Hove.  The fund is needed in order to create a very stable income to support the mission of the Church. This includes mission outreach programmes /new mission areas (Evangelism), theological education and ministerial training, parish life and ministry, leadership development programs in church and society (scholarships), community service (Diakonia), health and education institutions, and the running costs at the national and diocesan levels.

To avoid errors of past initiatives, the Board of Trustees immediately engaged legal, investment and financial experts within the Church who then produced two documents to improve governance, accountability and operations of the ELCZ Endowment Fund, namely, the Deed of Trust and the Fund Policy.