What is an Endowment Fund?

The Endowment Fund consists of funds that are freely and willingly donated to the Church by individual members and friends of the church from within and outside Zimbabwe with the sole intention of providing financial support to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Zimbabwe. These are then invested in reputable financial institution or in properties to generate as much interest as possible without risking the capital or the actual funds donated by the members and friends. Only the income generated from the donor’s capital contribution may be used to support the designated activities.

Why do we need an endowment fund?

We need to create such a fund in order to create a very stable income to support the mission of the Church. This includes mission outreach programmes /new mission areas (Evangelism), theological education and ministerial training, parish life and ministry, leadership development programs in church and society (scholarships), community service (Diakonia), health and education institutions, and the running costs at the national and diocesan levels.