Deed of Trust

This is a legal document registered at the Deeds Office in terms of the laws of Zimbabwe on 4 August 2011. This document gives guidance of the management of donations and ensures that the Donor’s funds cannot be used for any other purposes other than those agreed by the Church Council and registered in the Deed of Trust. Any violation of any of the provisions or terms stipulated in that document can lead to arrest and prosecution. It is such an important document that every donor to the Fund must familiarize himself / herself with its contents, hence for easy access it is attached to the 2015 Almanac.

Fund Policy

This is the investment guide of the ELCZ Endowment Trust Fund. It was crafted by a team of investments, accounting, banking, business, Church and legal experts carefully selected by the Board of Trustees to guide the Board on the management and growth of the Fund as well as the distribution of the returns to the beneficiaries. As an investment strategy, all donated Funds are considered co-capital and will not be available for redistribution. An agreed percentage of the investment returns equivalent to the rate of inflation will be deployed for capital growth, and inflation management. The rest of the returns will be deployed for fund management costs, beneficiaries’ payouts and other Church related developmental work as defined in the Deed of Trust and Fund Policy. A highly experienced and qualified Fund Manager, appointed through a tender and rigorous screening exercise will be in charge of the fund Management. Diversification at both asset class and portfolio levels will inform the Fund’s Investment Risk Management philosophy. Currently, the Board of Trustees has resolved that 50% of the funds be invested in real estate and the other 50% in the money market.